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Located in the beautiful grounds of the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron at Manly, we offer an intimate  & welcoming environment with a strong sense of community, for those new to Yoga or students wanting a stronger practice.  The studio has a magnificent view across the yacht harbour, surrounded by lush green grass, bright blue skies & fresh bay air.  We have a cafe, restaurant, free parking & motel facilities for students travelling to attend trainings & workshops.   

We offer a diverse range of classes, from Vinyasa and Yin to Restorative Yoga,  all lead by highly experienced & highly trained instructors.  Our instructors are compassionate, dedicated, caring & all unique in their approach.  A massage therapist is also part of the team, who once gain is highly trained in all facets of massage, from Sports to Pregnancy.  Urban Pilates (mat pilates) also came on board earlier this year.  

We are dedicated to your health, strength, mindfulness & wellbeing.

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Studio:      Royal Qld Yacht Squadron 578 Royal Esp. Manly QLD



$18 - Casual Class

$170 - 10 Class Pass - scheduled classes - valid 12 weeks

$350 - 3 month unlimited Yoga scheduled classes

$30 - Introductory Pass - 10 consecutive days - scheduled classes - new students only

$60 - 1 month unlimited Yoga scheduled classes - new students only

$1000 - Yearly Pass - unlimited scheduled classes - two options :

. one off payment of $1000

. 12 monthly payments of $100 direct debit

Cash or card welcome

GIFT VOUCHERS AVAILABLE - ask at Studio or message Sandy



Remedial, Deep Tissue, Sports, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone, Pregnancy & Relaxation

By Appointment Only

Please contact Jess directly  0438 436 038


Urban Pilates

Please contact Deb directly 0418 766 886

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“If you want to indulge your senses & stretch your body at the same time, RESTorative Yoga on Sunday is the solution! Her voice is beautifully modulated & restful giving clear instructions. The head massage & the reading, often written by Chloe, leads one to come away fully refreshed. I can recommend with our reservation”. June

”What a blessing it is & how lucky to have Sandy & the wonderful yoga teachers at her studio. It was so uplifting & energizing this mornings 6am flow with Sandy so good to be back after the break! l am really looking forward to Phoebe's class tomorrow night at 6.30pm what a treat her classes are! everyweek its different, l love her cool slow flow , the way she releases those tight little knots you didnt know were there & then ends the class with her beautiful pure & sweet voice that releases you into a deep savasana, pure Bliss!”. Lyndel

”Such a beautiful way to start the day!” Tracey

 “Thank you Jess - what a wonderful way to end a stressful weekend. Your amazing restorative class left my buzzing brain free of stress, relaxed & ready to continue peacefully - with gratitude”. Anne P

About US


Sandy remembers her first classes with feelings of total relaxation, stillness & quiet & that something very special had been introduced to her.   With years of regular practice, finally committing to beginners level classes in 2008.  At this time she was introduced to the ISHTA system meeting her teacher who introduced her to many books, workshops, trainings giving her the tools for study both on & off the mat.  Realising that Yoga was much more that a physical workout, she began learning more of the teachings of Yoga,  the Essence of the practice, pranayama, asana & meditation.  Sandy she completed her level 1, 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2015 with Lainie Jenkins Owner of One Family Yoga and Fitness.  

She has since completed Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings with world renowned Jo Phee Yin Yoga (Chinese Medicine & Hip Anatomy, Myofascia Release Therapy & Spine Anatomy) further training on the spine with Donna Farhi & completed Levels 1 & 2 Restorative Yoga Training.  White Tiger Qi Gong training with Tevia Feng in Bali. Sandy teaches to each student as unique individuals, allowing them to adjust & readjust their own bodies, for safe individual alignment - teaching we are all different, skeletally, physically & emotionally. She continues to improve her knowledge & practice including various workshops, trainings, including travelling to Bali regularly where she immerses herself in the wealth of knowledge thru amazing teachers she revisits.  

Sandy is passionate about her craft & holistic health, encourages her students to notice how their practice makes them FEEL, cultivating mindfulness, strength & wellbeing, travelling with them along their yogic journey.



Catas journey began in 2002 when she moved from her home country Colombia, South America.  She recalls her first beginner's class the amazing feeling of a mindfulness & being present in the moment, was the catalytic point that made her explore more about ancient practices & holistic health.  In 2006, she completed the Usui Reiki Method of Energy Renewal.  Digging deep into the teachings of Yoga, to understand the deep essence of practice, asana, pranayama & meditation, studying the Yoga-sutras which offers her a proud perspective on the functioning of our minds and giving precise methods to increase balance & vitality.  Cata completed her level 1, 200 hour yoga certification with Being Yoga Australia.  she has undergone trainings with world renowned teachers, Simon Borg-Olivier and Donna Farhi.  Cata loves sharing her passion for yoga & welcomes everybody in her classes to cultivate an open mind, a willing heart in a journey that begins with just a deep breath in.



Phoebe is a teacher with a wealth of experience, both instructing & practicing for many years.  She has a background in nutrition & a deep interest in health promotion, natural movement & stress management, combining her knowledge of yoga, mindfulness & nutrition to help people achieve balanced, accessible health.  Phoebe's yoga classes incorporate fluid & natural movement, traditional yoga asana & breath work with mindful awareness, which come together to create a state of deep relaxation & presence.  As a mother, Phoebe knows how difficult it can be to add anything more to a busy life & she aims to keep her teaching simple & welcoming, this is yoga for everybody.



Jess is an experienced yoga teacher, gaining her qualifications in 2011 at My Health Yoga. Her background in massage adds to her yoga teaching. Use of anatomical knowledge, special orthopaedic testing & range of motion as required, allows her to safely teach those who have injury & or illness. Qualifications in haha/vinyasa, trauma aware yoga, restorative yoga plus remedial massage enable Jess to deliver a class that is unique & informative.

Her classes use an ample amount of props, concise queuing with anatomical information delivered in an easy to understand manner. Jess’s gentle adjustments help students learn about their bodies & how to use it effectively with alignment that is relevant to their own ability.

Students describe classes as fun, diverse & educational. They love the extra touches she adds, such as massage, hot stones & arm chair shavasana. Students describe Jess are caring, as she connects with them creating a relaxed class environment.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced practitioner, seeking a stretch or a little peace of mind, Jess’s class will have something for you.


Claudia teaches embodiment. Her classes are designed to help people be in their bodies & to develop the awareness with the ability to remain present for all of the physical sensations, emotional fluctuations and thought formations that bubble up through the layers of the mind-body during their practice.

Claudia guides students in refining their sensitivity & ability to listen to what is happening in their body. To use the breath to clear away the contractions & tightness they feel and the light of their awareness to peel back the layers of conditioning so that they can begin to experience with more clarity who they really are.


All Bea’s classes are based on a holistic approach ideal for balancing the body - breath - mind. A dynamic yet gentle approach, Bea blends body & breath awareness with physical poses, visualisations & relaxation techniques, through slow & nourishing sequences. Suitable for all ages & levels of experience. Always tailored to each person, ideal for preventing injuries, offering modifications if needed. Bea’s teachings “styles” are a mesh of slow flow vinyasa, basic principals of alignment, fluidity & stillness.

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HATHA - General Class

Hatha includes the practice of asanas (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises), which help bring peace to the mind and body, preparing the body for deeper spiritual practices such as meditation.Moving with mindfulness and focus on the breathe.  Suitable for beginners who can focus on body awareness and positioning, whilst those more seasoned students can slow down, FEEL more in to their practice whilst building strength.  Options always offered to all levels, which will lead you feeling strong, refreshed, connected and calm.


Vinyasa, also called flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together, is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga.  In vinyasa yoga, each movement is synchronized to a breath.  Vinyasa is more of an active moving practice where students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind.



A gentle form of yoga that can be practiced by anyone, beginners or advanced students.  Serving to bring more flex, musculoskeletal and emotional release, quieting the mind, taking time focussing on the breath, holding supported poses that can be adapted to suit mobility together using blankets, bolsters, blocks etc. A reenergising practice, deep, quiet, leaving you FEEL amazing!


Working the deeper tissues, ligaments, joints and deep fascia, Yin goes beyond asana movements.  It is a silent, yielding, deep and nourishing practice, helping us to gain contentment.   Holding postures for longer periods of time, bringing students into mindfulness, helping physiologically, energetically, mentally/emotionally, reducing stress and enhancing overall wellbeing.  Leaving you FEELING calm, grounded, centred and serene.  All our bodies are different, Yin explores and liberates these differences. This is functional yoga at its best, not all bodies are the same, no student the same.
Yin is IN !


Combining both deep stretching & flowing elements in one class provides a balanced practice and can have a powerful effect on energy levels.  Always incorporating breath work, strengthening & lengthening the whole body, finishing with relaxation, leaving you feel open, energised & calm.


In this special class expect to experience the profound effects of the mix of Myofascia release (MFR) and Yin yoga.

MFR is a hands-on technique that involves using myofascia balls plus the use of blocks to apply gentle sustained pressure into the connective tissue to reduce pain and restore motion. This will stimulate the bodies natural response and start working on the “issues in the tissues”.

This is combined with a yin practice to complement the Myfoascical work done during the practice.

Think of it like a Deep Tissue Massage – you will leave the class feeling more open and free.

Please hydrate well after class.


A yoga class for those newer to yoga or those wanting a basic flow class.  Although this class moves at a slower pace than the other classes, expect to be challenged both mentally and physically.  This class will help students to become more aware of their bodies, the use of their breath whilst building on their physical practice.   Fundamentals classes will bring you back to the basics, teaching the fundamentals of basic poses and transitions that you will find in the general Hatha classes.



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to be announced

For those who are brand new to YOGA or students who wish to refresh their practices, please join me as you progress through this 6 week course (each Tuesday eve) easing your way to better health, in body, mindfulness, strength & wellbeing.

You will learn the benefits of yoga, breathing & meditation techniques, standing & seated poses, balance & focus. Limited numbers in this Course ensuring personal & intimate attention. You will receive a comprehensive course outline & finish with the confidence & ability to attend classes. Everything you need for this course supplied, mats & all props, blankets, bolsters etc. 

Cost :    $120 payment required at commencement of course

Sandy Cuneo Yoga
Suncorp 484-799
Account. 167240643
BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - no refunds, make up classes avail on application.

Any questions please contact me -   

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Teacher Training


Ulrica Norberg

21 - 24 November 2019


The Energetics of Body Mind & Spirit

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This is a comprehensive training/deepening workshop with experienced & renowned YOGA MASTER & best selling author Ulrica Norberg is something for you. Ulrica has studied & practiced YOGA physically, mentally, energetically & spiritually for decades & will provide you with a comprehensive training. She is one of Europe's most experience & appreciated teaches & trainer.

Are you interested in what happens in the body, mind & spirit in a yoga practice? Wanting to learn more about energy, how it can be moved, altered & expanded in order to live a fuller life? Wanting to learn more around how our bodily anatomy & physiology is affected by energy? Are you a dedicated student of YOGA or TEACHER in need of inspiration?


In yoga, we work with energy, the energy of the body, mind, soul & spirit. Often you hear there are deeper aspects of this practice than merely physical.

Over the course of this raining, we will cover the chakra system fro a well-rounded perspective from asana, pranayama, mantras & meditation, to the philosophy & methodology it is embedded in. This training is primarily practice, meaning there is a lot of time on the mat. Investing, opening, strengthening, lengthening, trying & testing.

This training will focus on Chakra Yoga, in which we work with the human as a whole, with the spine & nervous system at its core. this course will give a much deeper understanding on what the chakras are, how they correlate to our anatomy, bioenergy, & physiology, plus many tools in how you can take your practice further & deepen it as well as make it more designs to fit your needs.


Asana practice



visualisation & mantra

creativity & mind training practice

chakra theory & philosophy

biomechanics. anatomy. physiology

energetics - the subtle body vs western medicine

tantra theory & philosophy

posture labs

Hours 9-4 every day, 60 min lunch break

Recommended reading

"Eastern Body Western Mind" Anodea Judith

"Chakra Yoga" Alan Finger & Katrina Repka

Investment $850

Deposit $200 by 31 August secures your space - balance after deposit required by 31 October. Non refundable after this date.

Suncorp - BSB 484 - 799

Account Number - 600809640

Your name as reference please.


Yogiraj Ulrica Norberg is an inquier & thinker & has throughout her life been creative & contemplative, always with the intention of finding ways to evolve in body, mind & spirit. She found meditation & yoga in her early teens when she was living & studying in the US. Her studies started with Zenbuddism, followed by 2 decades of exploring & deeply studying various styles of classical & modern aspects of yoga & meditation in Asia, India & the US.

With a mind intrigued with how things function & affect energy, she has spent many years studying physiology, anatomy, philosophy, psychology & bioenergy work. She is one of the yoga masters in the ISHTA yoga lineage & lead trainers in their teacher training programs as well as a master teacher in various speciality trainings.

Being a Swedish native, holding a Masters Degree from Stockholm University in Journalism & film, she is a trained journalist & dramatist & shares her teacher with work as creative consultant, teaching and innovation workshops. Having written more than a dozen books on health, yoga & meditation & is currently writing a book on the Breath as well as working on a documentary project.

Ulrica has played an important role in yogas growth in Europe from the 90's & has trained thousands of yoga teachers around the world.

Ulrica has a sincere fascination for culture & diversity which had her living abroad for many years before settling back in Stockholm, which is her base.

Her vast experience from life, & having gone against the grid along the way, shines through in her accepting teaching style. she is known for her deep knowledge, self discipline, inspiration, pedagogic teaching & warm approach.


Social Media: ulricanorber


Mobile: 0401 291 786


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